active inquiry

22,23,25 Aug | 17:30-18:30 | £8 (£6)

22,23 Aug | 19:30-20:30 | £10 (£8)

St John's Church, Princes Street, EH2 4BJ



A series of interactive plays presented by Active Inquiry, the Bethany, the Alma and the Shakti Theatre Companies as part of the 'Spect-Act' project. Experience the value and power of devised theatre deeply rooted in local social justice matters. 

The Shakti Theatre Company presents Dancing in Freedom | 22 Aug | 17:30-18:30 

'Dancing in Freedom' explores, questions, and challenges the reasons for domestic abuse. It is a powerful, moving and uplifting exploration of why gender-based violence and abuse exists, and how we can become free of it, individually and collectively. Devised by women with lived experience of this issue.

Active Inquiry presents The Fair-Ground | 22, 23 Aug | 19:30-20:30

Roll up roll up! Pay your money and play the game! Everyone has an equal chance in the Fair-Ground, haven't they? Or are some games rigged for a privileged few? Helen has always believed she lives in a Just and Fair society but her experience of gender discrimination opens her eyes to the injustice around her. Will she keep playing the game or do the rules need to change?

The Bethany Theatre Company presents The Interview | 23 Aug | 17:30-18:30 

Sally has an interview for her dream job. Should her past history of addiction and imprisonment affect her chances? 'The Interview' explores the struggle faced by those in recovery to rebuild their lives in a society that has often written them off or doesn't have the resources to help.

The Alma Theatre Company presents Happy Birthday? | 25 Aug | 17:30-18:30 

Ursula is an artist and an activist who has experienced mental health difficulties throughout her adult life. She has seen mental health services and public perceptions change over the years and has actively campaigned to overcome inequality and discrimination. As she approaches a major milestone in her life, we take a creative and unusual look back at the challenges she has faced, the progress she has seen and the unexpected fights she still has to overcome.