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pushing up the daisies

18 Aug | 21:30-22:30 | £5               

St John's Church, Princes Street, EH2 4BJ


With Poet and Storyteller, Margot Henderson

A one-woman show that looks death in the face and tells it like it is, straight from the corpse’s mouth.  A warm wry take on the journey from cradle to grave, through love and loss and all that death brings in its wake. This piece brings us up close and personal and asks some of the big questions: How do we deal with death when it comes to the door? What binds us together, what tears us apart?

“A startling, honest raw, warm piece. No shying away from death or grief, all the more amazing for that.” – Wendy

“Its all the things that grief is if we allow ourselves to feel it, heartfelt, amusing, irrational.”  – Kate