nisha kalema | Directed by Ray shell

15,16,22,23,26 Aug | 21:30-22:30 | £10 (£8)

St John's Church, Princes Street, EH2 4BJ


Based on a true story, 'Freedom' tells the tale of an orphan called Amelia, who was adopted by a childless couple, Nsubuga and Susanaah, after her parents were killed in a house fire. 

Susanaah loves Amelia as if she were her own child. Susanaah’s husband, Nsubuga, the owner of a local bar, resents Amelia as a drain on his dwindling financial resources. Nsubuga is a violent man who abuses both his wife Susanaah and Amelia regularly; until he eventually kills Susanaah in a rage after she objects to him setting Amelia to work as a waitress in his bar. With Nsubuga’s wife dead, and the murder disguised as an accident; Amelia’s life takes a dramatic change for the worse. 

Coming to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe directly from Uganda, 'Freedom' is a stage adaption of the original screenplay for the award-winning movie under the same title. 'Freedom' powerfully depicts the themes of sex slavery, domestic violence, and the worst kind of misogyny against the backdrop of the harsh economic realities of life in Africa.