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The 2018 edition of Just Festival will be held under the theme #OutsideIn. We are programming performing arts events, conversations, talks and exhibitions that address an array of different influences that affect one's identity and actions. Be it gender, age, sexual orientation, economy, environment, socio-political changes, belief, local and global communities, media, or one's nationality and ethnicity, we want to explore what has an impact on our choices and well-being. We are interested in the surrounding environments that determine who we are or how we perceive the world around us. We are looking for proposals from individuals, groups, organisations and companies that wish to collaborate on a rich programme that informs and inspires.


St John's Church

Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH2 4BJ

The 2018 Just Festival will take place in the newly refurbished spaces at St John's Church at the heart of Edinburgh's city centre.

Just Festival at St John's Church offers 2-hour slots on selected days leaving time for get-in/get-out. Charges depend on the space and its capacity.

Rent fees per slot are:

£250 (Church) - 250 capacity (fixed seating)

£175 (Hall) - 80 capacity (flexible seating)

£100 (Chapel) - 40 capacity (flexible seating)


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Available on Mon,Tue,Fri,Sat between 5pm and 11pm

Suitable for Music, Dance, Talks/Presentations

Tech: PA system / mics / projector / screen

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Available on Mon,Tue,Fri,Sat between 5pm and 11pm

Suitable for Drama, Poetry, Talks/Presentations

Tech: PA system / lights projector / screen

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[old photograph, see the floor plan for new layout] Available from Mon to Sat between 5pm and 11pm

Suitable for Drama, Music, Dance, Poetry, Talks, Screenings, Presentations

Tech: PA system / mics / lights / r&f projector / screen

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be part of the 2018 just festival

Application Process

Please fill in the application form HERE. We will send email confirmation that we have received your application. All applicants will be informed if they have been successful by 10th March 2018 at the latest. We will process applications for shows to be registered with the Fringe Society first in order to meet the Fringe deadlines. We may phone or ask to meet you to learn more about your performance.

Key dates

28th February 2018 – deadline for applications, including event descriptions and high resolution images for printed programme

10th March 2018 – Just Festival programme entry and 50% hire fees due + Fringe registration fee due if applicable

30th April 2018 – 50% hire fee due; 100% advertising fee due

15th May 2018 – deadline for poster and flyer designs (incl. Just Festival branding)

1st June 2018 - events are available online (just-festival.org and Ticketsource only) for advance booking;

6th June 2018 - all Fringe -registered events are online at edfringe.com; 15th July 2018 – music/theatre events only – deadline for submitting PRS forms (if applicable), risk assessment forms and public liability insurance documents;deadline for delivering posters and flyers to Just Festival

3rd August 2018 – first day of Just Festival as well as of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

26th August 2018 - last day of Just Festival

15th October 2018 – final ticket sales statements sent at the latest